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The Stardust Solar Photovoltaics Design and Installation Manual contains all of the background information required to not only install a PV system, but to understand how it works. From the photovoltaic effect within the cells themselves, through the potential at different locations on the Earth, to the wiring and overcurrent protection to keep it functioning safely and efficiently is all covered. Furthermore, it is designed in such a way to be accessible to people with no electrical experience, but still be relevant to experienced electricians and electrical engineers. The introductory chapters provide the base information to bring all students up to speed on the various relevant concepts. Next, we link those concepts to the photovoltaic systems. Finally, we add references to the Canadian and National Electric Codes to ensure that the relevant guidelines are followed. Each topic has citations provided to the relevant code sections. This allows any student to delve deeper into the code if they require further information or to ask informed questions using the code rules as a basis. The textbook also serves as an excellent reference on its own due to the detailed explanations and diagrams throughout.

Stardust Solar Photovoltaics
Design and Installation Manual